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By registering your company or organization with us, you agree to accept and comply with the policies and procedures of the UTSA University Career Center regarding employer recruiting activities.  We reserve the right to refuse service to any company or organization whose business we feel is of a nature that is not appropriate for the UTSA student body. Click to view our Recruiting Policies.

The University of Texas at San Antonio requires all employers who interview on campus or post jobs or flyers through the University Career Center to follow equal employment opportunity (EEO) practices as well as NACE professional standards in the recruiting process.  There shall be no discrimination against any qualified person on the grounds of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, political or personal favoritism, marital status or disabling condition.

Employers who do not have a working company website and/or company email address, will be required to use the RowdyJobs Referral system to post a job.

Third party recruiters can register with the University Career Center if they meet the following criteria:

You must be posting for a specific position, no charge to the applicant, and the employer has not posted the specific position directly with Career Center.  We require the name of the company you are recruiting for, please email us with the name of the company. This info will not be shared or placed on the posting.  

Prohibition of Solicitation.  Please be aware that we are unable to post opportunities for jobs that include tasks which are in direct violation of the following policy: No solicitation shall be conducted on any property, street, or sidewalk, or in any building, structure, or facility owned or controlled by the U.T. System or any of the institutions unless permitted by the Regents' Rules and Regulations.

If you are an individual wishing to post a childcare/tutoring/personal ads, etc., positions, please fill out the child care job posting form or contact our office by phone at (210) 458-4589 or email us to request a RowdyJobs form.

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